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Today’s RV industry remains as strong as ever and has grown to a new peak of 8.9 million RV-owning households in America. In addition to the heightened RV sales for the US economy, the boat industry’s demand has also been higher than expected this past spring. Boat sales are expected to reach 65 percent of their pre-recession level by year-end, while RV sales are expected to approach a pre-recession peak.

The features of recreational vehicles including RVs and boats are similar....

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Have you ever loved to travel in your RV so much that you thought, “Why don’t I just live in it?” Well you’re not alone. There have been many others that felt the same way and actually tried it. One couple decided to document their expenses during their journey to see if it was more cost efficient to live in an RV versus a house or apartment. In the end they discovered that they saved some money but the cost of living in an RV full time was a lot more expensive than they anticipated. Some...

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~The Fountains will be taking reservations to select lots beginning in July~

St. Augustine, Fl.-The Fountains Premier Motorcoach Resort of St. Augustine has recently broken ground and will soon be taking reservations for the opportunity to select lots. The developers are thrilled to be moving forward with the site preparation and are anticipating the opening of the Resort in the spring of 2015.

“The excitement from the groundbreaking has resulted in a lot of...

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The hurricane season is upon us here in Florida, and we don’t want your vacations to take a turn for the worse (pun-intended). Here are a few safety tips for your upcoming travels with your motorcoach.

Tip 1. Make sure to prepare an evacuation route well before a storm threatens your area. If you're instructed to evacuate your neighborhood, do so without delay. Tip 2. Keep emergency supplies in your RV, including a first aid kit, bottled water, non-perishable foods, and...

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RV’s over tent camping? That’s what we like to hear! According to an article posted on CBC News, roughing it in tents doesn’t cut it anymore, especially for the people in Saskatchewan, Canada. Residents of the province want more. Jaylene Brass, a former tent camper, admitted that taking down a tent in rainy weather can be a pain, so she and her husband have upgraded to a Recreational Vehicle to travel in and still enjoy nature. The number of people feeling this same way is growing. In fact,...

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The 2014 Winter wasn’t an easy one for travelers. Major snowstorms caused horrific traffic and accidents throughout the northern states. It is hard to believe that while some states are being slammed with snow, wind, hail and rain, on the west coast, California suffers from a drought. It is a complete 180 of weather conditions in these two locations. The USA today reports that the 2013-2014 winter weather damage caused up to 5 billion dollars so far. RV travelers need to keep in mind these...

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It’s always better being part of a club, and that is no exception for RV clubs. There are so many benefits to joining an RV club and any avid RVer should definitely consider it. One of the most obvious benefits is that you get to network with fellow RV travelers. Knowing the best RV cleaning tips or best places to travel in an RV is great when you are getting it straight from people who have experienced these themselves. Discounts are also a plus when joining an RV club. These discounts can...

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While the crazy winter weather may be in the past, RV travelers still need to take precautions on the road to ensure a safe trip! Wherever your destination may be, whether it is up in the mountains or down by the beach, you want to take some quick and simple measures to keep your RV in the best shape.

Some of these measures include:

•Brakes-check your brakes and brake pads •Tires-Pick the best tires for your particular RV model and travel destination •Fluid-Check your...

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The Fountains of St. Augustine Luxury Motorcoach Resort, a Kidd RV client, made an appearance in Woodall’s Campground Directory’s publication this Feb., showcasing the resort’s one-of-a-kind development, amenities and management style. 

The article, “New Developer Aims to Make a Splash in the High-End Park Community with ‘The Fountains’-Branded Resorts,” provides the detail and purpose behind The Fountains in an interview with the Curt Geisler, Developer and CEO of The Devcon Group....

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Now that the winter season has come and gone, it is time to get ready for the warmer weather. Before you travel to your next destination, here are some helpful ways to keep your RV in top shape and running smoothly.

• Start by washing the exterior of your RV. Along with cleaning it, this is a way to check for any dents or scratches on the exterior that may have been caused by the winter weather.

• Inspect the levels of your RV. Check on the pressure of all the tires, check on...

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