The Dell RV Resort

The Dell, located in the Hidden Mountain resort in the heart of the Smoky mountains, had successfully completed phase one. The park needed to both demonstrate that progress and generate interest in the upcoming phase 2. The park's online image needed reinventing to truly represent its facilities.

Phase 2 of the park incorporates some unique physical attributes and as such allows for some separate and distinct branding. But before that can be rolled out, the existing website needed an overhaul. The previous incarnation was basic in scope and light on content.

The new site gives The Dell a higher level of marketing sophistication, and more accurately speaks to the target demographic. Image galleries, links to local attractions and information about rentals for phase 1 were all added to the site. The rich color scheme evokes the park's physical location. The website redesign achieved an increased natural search engine ranking simply by adding content and improving site coding.

The Dell RV Resort Website

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