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Located in the Smoky Mountains near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Hidden Mountain Resorts is a family enterprise that has grown into a log cabin mountain resort with more than 300 lodgings in a period of 30 years. In 2009, the owners decided to develop the most beautiful mountainside into a luxury motorcoach resort. Phase one, called The Dell Motorcoach Resort, is a small set of luxury RV sites. Even more impressive, a second phase overlooking a majestic view of the Smoky Mountain range had yet to be developed. The challenge: no plans existed for this one-of-a-kind motorcoach living experience.

Kidd RV Resort Consulting began this project with a site visit and discussions with the owners about their vision for the project. In order to differentiate phase two, it was fittingly named The Dell View. Next, Kidd RV Resort Consulting worked with the owners to develop a strategic plan. It was decided the best way to bring the project to life was through digital animation. Using the magic of computer animation, prospective site owners could experience a drive into the resort: explore the amenities, take in the panoramic views of the area and see how the project was sited into the side of the mountain.

By working long-distance with animators, interpreting the developers’ verbal concepts and visions, and by using Google Earth imaging and local photography, The Dell View came to life. The animation, marketing materials and website produced a sensory experience and window into the world of Hidden Mountain for potential owners. What was initially a plot of land is now a marketable and desirable place to stay.

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