Hearthside Grove Luxury RV Resort

Hearthside Grove contacted Kidd RV Resort Consulting with an idea to develop a world-class RV resort on undeveloped land in Michigan. The goal was to make Hearthside Grove Michigan’s most upscale motorcoach resort and they had all the components: a great location, superior park design and a vast selection of amenities. The only thing missing was a unique brand and marketing strategy that would entice RVers to make this resort home. In short, Hearthside Grove sought a marketing partner to radically raise awareness of the property, promoting its features and benefits, while attracting potential owners.

Kidd RV Resort Consulting was hired to uncover, package and polish Hearthside Grove’s unique selling propositions (USPs) and create a longlasting, meaningful brand experience. To create a successful brand, the USPs had to be believable, provable and matter to the target audience. Through this process, Kidd RV Resort Consulting created a powerful brand identity, which could be used across multiple platforms to promote the park and drive sales. Kidd RV Resort Consulting designed all collateral, sales materials, the website and used its contacts with clubs across the nation to produce outstanding results.

The advertising campaign which included print, online and outdoor created an increased awareness, brand recognition and interest in the resort. Nearly 30 news stories were generated about Hearthside Grove and total coverage garnered more than 17 million media impressions. Email marketing produced a 68 percent increase in website traffic and the click through rate was above industry standards at 24 percent. Additionally, search based advertising resulted in 2,905 clicks to Hearthside Grove’s website and Kidd RV Resort Consulting coordinated participation in 14 RV shows in 2008, negotiating a 20 percent discount for sponsorships at most shows.

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