Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina

Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina contacted Kidd RV Resort Consulting with a big problem. On the verge of launching a beautiful resort in a beautiful location, sales and marketing momentum had stalled. Although it appeared the developer had all the right pieces in place – decent website, brochures and ads – the resort had hired a marketing firm without any RV industry experience. Several adjustments needed to be made to the materials to make them more effective in the marketplace.

Kidd RV Resort Consulting began this project with a brand audit. We evaluated collateral for inconsistencies and our design team provided relevant recommendations on how to make subtle yet meaningful adjustments to all the materials. Every piece of data regarding sales and marketing were evaluated for effective and non-effective components. A public relations effort and outreach to key contacts in the industry were also part of the major changes in the marketing. In the end, we produced a comprehensive marketing plan with targets set on success.

In a few short weeks, Kidd RV Resort Consulting had repositioned the brand, made necessary adjustments and launched the marketing efforts. Within the first month of marketing, web trends showed positive results and outreach to key groups resulted in a steady flow in inquiries. The culmination of the effort was a series of on-site rallies and the grand opening of the resort. Within 120 days of the opening, nearly 50 percent of the lots had sold.

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Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina BrochureHeritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina BrochureHeritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina Brochure

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