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Indigo Bluffs is located just outside Glen Arbor in beautiful Leelanau County, Michigan. The property is adjacent to a 25 year-old, family-run campground, both of which had recently been sold to a visionary developer who sought to develop the natural beauty of the area and reinvigorate the property. Indigo Bluffs is the last RV resort of its kind built on or around the land, as the city council and residents have voted to protect the wilderness and disallowed further development. Indigo Bluffs’ marketing had to support the fact that it was truly one-of-a-kind.

The first priority was naming and branding the property, then creating awareness. In order to launch the new image, an extensive discovery session was conducted which led to the positioning and brand identity direction. This provided the platform for all future design and marketing efforts. Kidd RV Resort Consulting created a distinctive brand, which encompassed the uniqueness of the location, paired with an identity, which spoke to the legends of the area and rich imagery surrounding the land.

The result of the branding session was a name and tagline – Indigo Bluffs: A Distinctive RV Retreat – and a brand that evoked the sense of something earthy, sacred and even mystical. Indigo Bluffs embodied the art, culture and history of the surrounding area. With the new brand in place, Kidd RV Resort Consulting developed consistent marketing collateral: applying the brand to brochures, signage, and a new website. Kidd RV Resort Consulting used the media to leverage the new brand and generate awareness and advertising to tell Indigo Bluff’s brand story.

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