Plantation Cove

Kidd RV Resort Consulting was approached by the developer of Plantation Cove at the perfect time, very early in the process. They had identified a parcel of land in Southwest Florida that they believed was well-suited for a class-A motorcoach resort. With two existing class-A resorts in the region, they wanted to ensure they brought a truly unique product to the market, something that would make them distinctly different from the “competition”.

We were able to sit with the developer in the early stages of this project and develop a comprehensive marketing plan and brand. While the comprehensive marketing plan is critical in determining how much, where and when marketing dollars would be spent, it also identified critical unique selling propositions (USPs) of the project. Because of our early involvement, we were able to review the preliminary plans for the property and increased the number of water-front lots by 42%. In addition, this early involvement allowed us to make recommendations with regard to the architectural style – ensuring it worked with the brand.

The end result, Plantation Cove. The video animation and early marketing elements are critical parts of getting this project off the ground. While the developer has decided to suspend the launch for 12 – 18 months, the brand and marketing components are “shovel-ready”.

The case study is shared because it is an exceptional example of how important it is to bring your marketing consultant onboard early in the process.

Plantation Cove Video

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