Kidd RV Consulting’s Luxury RV Resort Clients Featured in Popular International Publications

~Kidd RV Consulting Has Amassed a Portfolio of the Nation’s Most Exclusive Motorcoach Resorts~


Tallahassee, FL.-Kidd RV Consulting, a communications firm specializing in the development and promotion of luxury RV resorts, is proud to recognize multiple current and former clients who have been featured in the world’s most popular newspaper site, the DailyMail, travel research site Yahoo!Travel and popular RV site, DoItYourselfRV.

United Kingdom publication, The DailyMail, published an article on June 2 describing the rising trend of exclusive, pristine RV resorts in the United States. The article included Hearthside Grove and LVM Resort as some of the nation’s most luxurious resorts. The article focused on the growing amounts of glamourous motorcoach resorts due to the rising trends of luxury motorcoach traveling.

In other articles by Yahoo!Travel and prominent RV site, DoItYourselfRV; Bella Terra of Gulf Shores RV Resort, Hearthside Grove, Heritage Motorcoach and Marina, and LVM Resort were among the Top 16 Luxury RV Resorts and Parks in the United States. Despite the article stating that these resorts are for travelers when “Money Is No Object” or “Ultra- Exclusive for the 1 percent”, people are lining up to experience the most exclusive, RV resort experience.

Over its thirty-five years of experience, Kidd RV has amassed an impressive portfolio including many of the United States’ most luxurious motorcoach resorts. KiddRV has established branding and marketing for many resorts including Bella Terra, Hearthside Grove and Heritage Motorcoach and Marina, since the pre-development of these sites.  Kidd RV has also rebranded resorts, such as LVM Resort into its current brand.

“A few years back, LVM Resort changed ownership and faced a challenge of rebranding.  Kidd Group was selected as our partner and delivered.  They mapped-out a seamless transition plan which elevated our premium 5 star status throughout all elements of their creative process. Once the messages were in play, we saw increases in first time visitors, site rental, rallies and site sales. During the development process we continued to see the uniqueness of Kidd’s team of talent at all levels, which assured us we had made the right choice,” remarked Tom Poteet, site owner and LVM Resort Marketing Committee Chairman.

Kidd RV Consulting is a branch of Kidd Group, a multi-channel marketing communications agency based in Tallahassee, Florida. Since its inception Kidd RV Consulting has partnered with dozens of other motorcoach resorts including Heritage Motorcoach Resort and Marina, Bella Terra of Gulf Shores RV Resort, LVM Resort, Traverse Bay and the Fountains of St. Augustine. These elite resorts now set the bar for extravagant, destination-based motorcoach resorts in large part because of Kidd RV’s implementation of marketing solutions such as comprehensive branding solutions, advertising campaigns, and tailored public relation initiatives.

“It has been an honor to use our industry expertise and creative vision to establish a solid brand identity for some of the finest RV Resorts in the country.” said Jerry Kidd, President of Kidd RV Consulting. “As the sale of luxury RVs continues to grow, our clients’ resorts are busier than ever, fulfilling a much needed market for luxurious, exclusive living.”

Most recently, Kidd RV helped conceptualize and launch the exclusive Class A RV Resort, The Fountains of St. Augustine. Slated to open later this year, The Fountains of St. Augustine will be a 180-unit resort with state-of-the-art amenities, located in America’s oldest city. This resort offers a game-changing concept through The Fountains Vacation Club program, which allows travelers to buy weeks instead of purchasing a site.

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