New Technology Enhances the RVing Experience

For some time now, RVs have been known for being low-tech outsiders, but the RV industry has held its ground in this tech-based world and is continuing to introduce new goodies for its active consumers, specifically their newest target group, millennials. As more technology comes out, this industry evolves with the changes. You may still see a few Volkswagen vans out in the highways for those interested in the retro-style (many of which have newer technology added), but new motor home models are being equipped with some exciting tech upgrades.  From mechanics to entertainment to making these land yachts safer to drive, new technology is truly revolutionizing the way we go RVing.

Thinking Mechanics  

Pin boxes are one of the most important features on an RV and their structural integrity needs to be solid. If failed to do so, RVs may experience chucking and less support, which can be dangerous.  Many of the newer pin boxes are providing a stronger connection from the trailer frame to the kingpin than ever before.  Additionally new shock absorbers and air bags in pin boxes are being incorporated which better stabilize the movement of motorhomes and reduces shock. Lippert components, which build RV chassis, have even endorsed a specific brand, Reese as the premier pin box replacement.

Another important feature of mechanics is towability, and improvements in brakes are making it significantly better. Mechanical brakes are the standard for trailers but now hydraulic brakes and even electric brakes are gaining popularity.  These new brake systems are more efficient and allow better control.

Brake_Infographic.pngThe standard mechanical brakes require the driver to input twice the amount of force towards the lever and they’ll still have minimal control over the amount of braking force they want to apply. Hydraulic brakes multiply the effort put in at the lever so the actual braking force is greater than the force applied by you. The lever ends up feeling so light that you can basically brake using your fingers while still having more control over how much braking force you want to apply.

Electric breaks are also proving to be more efficient than mechanical brakes. Electric brakes use electricity to magnetize the brake magnet, and actuate the drum brakes.  This type of braking works well when adjusted properly and provides the driver with better control.  For instance, the driver can use the brake controller to apply a small amount of braking force if the trailer begins swaying.  Other times electric brakes are especially useful are when you’re descending hills, driving in high winds or even passing by large tractor trailers.

Hydraulic and electric brakes take off the pressure of having to brake really hard to stop. One is always likely to assume that due to the size of the motor home you must brake twice as hard to be secure, but with these improvements that is no longer the case. Mechanical brakes have become outdated; hydraulic and electronic are now providing the security one needs to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

A Better Convenience for Drivers

The head of the trip, the captain of the ship, the navigator, yes I am talking about the drivers; with all this innovative technology, there must be something new for them as well.  Newer models are incorporating reclining bucket seats, side and rear vision cameras, GPS systems, and emergency-start assistance switches!

Cameras are a crucial component for safety reasons, so Voyager is stepping up to provide drivers with better views. After all, blind spots are a leading cause of accidents, so it’s great to be able to have an extra set of eyes for both the driver and copilot.

observation system.PNGHigh quality side and rear view cameras are being designed to complement the unit and provide the driver and copilot with clear views of blind spots. Voyager has taken part in this innovative technology by creating camera systems such as the 7” Digital Wireless Observation System featuring WiSight technology. This waterproof color camera is connected to the taillights or running lights of the motor home and delivers a sharp, vivid picture of the vehicle’s surroundings to the 7” color LCD monitor, which comes included.

side view camera.PNGAs for side views, Voyager also created a more specific set of cameras and a 4-camera switch box for better viewing convenience, meaning the switch box allows the driver to view four camera images at once. The Voyager right and left side super CMOS Color Side Body Observation Cameras provide high performance color optics and clear images of blind spots.

Aside from cameras, for all the cruise control fans, a new system has been created for their convenience as well. The Eaton VORAD system provides early warning notification to the driver if the traffic ahead slows down or stops unexpectedly. This system also has the ability to detect vehicles that may be hidden in a blind spot. There’s also an added bonus, a smart cruise option in the system which reduces the stress of driving in traffic by working in concert with the cruise control in your RV to automatically maintain a safe driving distance between the RV and the vehicles ahead.

What about Entertainment?

home theatre.jpgWe’re all fans of entertainment features and with new technology comes more goodies! Although televisions have become a standard in motorhomes, newer gadgets are now being incorporated to add even more fun.

Thankfully, home theatre systems are putting televisions to better use. A perfect example is the Bose Lifestyle 48 Home Theatre System. This entertainment system will digitally store and organize up to 340 hours of music in the media center. Its tiny speakers will provide surround sound and natural sounding dialogue and vocals when watching TV. Designed to visually complement flat-panel TV screens, this home theatre system also includes an integrated progressive scan DVD player and uMusic intelligent playback system that actually learns the user’s preferences. 

harmony-elite-gallery1.pngAnother new innovative technology is the incorporation of universal remote controls. Back in the day, it was a luxury to have a remote control power anything in an RV. Now these new remote controls are able to control almost everything in the motor home. Logitech has created a variety of these gadgets for all controlling needs. However, one of their best models is the Harmony Elite, an advanced universal remote control, hub, and app. Logitech itself says it’s “the most powerful and intuitive Harmony remote for home entertainment and home control”. This remote can be used to control blinds, lighting locks, entertainment systems, game consoles, and anything powered with other remotes. In other words, one remote powers all!

Other companies like Crestong and AMX are also creating Universal Control, but before you choose these companies, check compatibility with your products since most of their products work only with Prevost motorcoaches.

A Better RV Experience Awaits

Camping has changed quite a bit since the days of the first RVs.  Before, RVing served as an escape from everyday life and a gate to bond with nature. Now with all this new technology, you’ll never have to miss a big football game or the upcoming Olympics! Being outdoors will be a little more fun with all these new gadgets and security will be better than ever. When you pull into an RV park or your next tailgating spot, you may see some eyes open when fellow RV fanatics see all these cool new features.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out these new products and see what you can add to your motor home or it may be time to upgrade.