Summer Road Trip

The sun is out, the RV is packed, and the adventures are about to begin because summer is finally here! This season is matched with another, less conventional season— road trip season. During this time of year nearly 1/3 of Americans go on vacations, with 80% planning to hit the open road. This vacation option is widely popular due to its flexibility, the luxury of customizing daily adventures, and the ability to go wherever, whenever! Whether you’re RV’ing in-state or are planning to travel cross-country, there are a few things to keep in mind as you hit the open road. 

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Before You Leave

As you plan a vacation, it’s often hard to figure out where to go and how long to stay for. Luckily, various websites like GoRVing and Roadtrippers make this part of the planning process easy. With the GoRVing camp locator, you can find RV campgrounds in any state you’re intending to travel to. Additionally, the site allows you to tailor campgrounds to specific preferences, such as what amenities you’re looking for or what type of RV campsite you prefer.

With the Roadtrippers guide, you can input both a starting point and destination point to determine the length of the trip, as well as the estimated gas cost. This guide also allows you to add layers to your trip; meaning, you can choose RV campgrounds, points of interest, dining, and more to the map so that you know where and when to stop along the way! If, however, your trip is already planned but you’re unsure what to budget for gas, this website will estimate how much gas you’ll use and the subsequent cost. 

Road map next to computer and cameras.

Now that your road trip is mapped out, it’s time to start packing the RV. The specifics of what you pack will depend on where you’re going as well as how long you’ll be there for; however, there are basic necessities that you’ll need no matter where the journey takes you. This checklist outlines everything you could possibly need on your trip, from clothes and food to toiletries and miscellaneous items like flashlights and bug spray. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you’ve packed the tools needed in the event of an unfortunate RV breakdown. Another aspect of traveling in an RV is saving space. Although it may be a big rig, it’s easy to fill it up quickly— especially when you’re traveling, collecting souvenirs and trinkets at every destination. To avoid over-packing or overloading your RV, take time to determine what you can leave behind before you hit the road. Some helpful tips to guide you on what items to avoid packing can be found here.


On The Road

As you embark on your road trip, it’s important to keep track of weather conditions. As beautiful as the summer months are, they often bring hazardous conditions like extreme heat, flash floods, and even tornadoes depending on where you’re traveling to. Using various weather apps to track the weather is the best way to avoid unsafe conditions. And remember, wind exceeding 20 mph is often considered dangerous to drive an RV in, so prepare accordingly. Sparing any hazardous weather conditions, another thing to keep track of are possible excursions! While you may have mapped out your road trip via the websites we previously mentioned, you may want to change it up. Mobile applications, like AlongtheWay, can help you find points of interest near your current or future location. This highlights one of the main perks of RVing— the flexibility to go wherever you want, whenever you want, for however long you want! Unless you require it, there’s no tight schedule to follow, which can lead to the most exciting of adventures.

During your road trip you should also keep track of how well your RV is functioning. Are you overloading the Electrical AC volts? Are you checking your tires at every rest stop? Has there been any exterior damage? These are just some of the things to keep track of to prevent your RV from breaking down. However, you can only do so much to avert the inevitable from occurring. So, in the unfortunate event that your RV does break down during your road trip it’s helpful to have roadside assistance. Good Sam, Coach-Net, and insurance companies all offer roadside assistance packages that will save you both time and money if your RV breaks down. That being said, during your road trip planning process it’s important to budget the money and time for these unwelcoming occurrences.

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The ability to go wherever you want on your own time is one of the many advantages of living the RV life. From quality family time to breathtaking sightseeing and unique adventures, there’s nothing like taking a road trip in an RV. But no matter where your RV’ing summer adventures take you, it’s important to be safe, stay prepared, and remain open to new escapades. Safe travels!